Benefits of Playing Tactical Games

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3 min readSep 19, 2021


Most kids and adults have a keen love for playing video games, over timeof which is frowned upon by the collective society. Yet, science has deemed that such use of strategy and tactics can definitely have a lot of real-time positive impact upon the mindset. Let us take a deep dive and find out the innumerous benefits of playing tactical games!

Games that involve the use of real-time strategy and tactics are seen to aid in the player’s real-life scenarios as well, making them equipped for faster information processing, respond to visual stimuli more rapidly, and allocate the cognitive resources successfully thereafter. Strategy refers to the overall plan made by the player to ensure victory while tactics refer to the specific ideas employed to achieve this goal.

Formulating these ideas, and making them happen in a near life-like scenario, for which video games act as a platform, helps in the players and their holistic development. Keep reading to find out how!

1. Better Problem Solver

Games with strategic relevance aids in the progression of cognitive skill development, meaning our brains become faster at processing information based on visuals in front of us and quicker in taking the most advantageous split-second decisions based on them. They have better problem-solving skills which can help them ace in learning and also in real-world decision making. Playing games can also improve a person’s dexterity, meaning they can have more precise coordinated hand movements, these skills are highly relevant in the medical field.

2. Emotional control

Games that involve tactics and critical thinking encourage both the young and adults alike to control their emotions and regulate them far more effectively. This refers to the channel of both positive and negative emotions that are elicited by playing the games into actually achieving their goal. This allows the gamers to control their emotions even during real-life scenarios and deal with their realities far more effectively.

3. Mental and Physical Health Benefits

Gaming can help relieve stress accumulated from a strenuous day of work or class, thereby acting as a venting mechanism for anyone and everyone. It can be used as a mood booster and even for therapy to help people over their issues. It can improve your vision, provided you’re sitting a safe distance away from the screen as it can help you focus on minute details that are essential to achieving the goals of the game, thereby making you detail-oriented even in reality. Modern-day Virtual Reality games also provide a venue for exercise and movement, keeping you physically active!

4. Improves Social Skills

Children and adults who engage in video games are more inclined to be socially active and make good team players. They can also build good peer relationships because of the collaborative skills they’ve developed from playing. Social skills are a huge part of personality development in children, as it allows them to forge relationships, friendships, and acquaintances in the long run. Playing multiplayer video games encourages this part of development.

5. Fun Way of Learning

Despite the common notion that playing games take more away from educational development than it gives, this notion is actually false. Playing games can intrinsically increase a child’s reading skills, mathematical skills, and more all the while playing a game they enjoy.

With a myriad of reasons supporting the use of video games in increasing the cognitive capacity, promoting mental and physical health in players, it seems like a great idea to venture into trying out the amazing choices of strategic and tactical games that are out there available for leisure! Of course, playing games isn’t the only way to have fun, you can learn how to make your games from scratch too! Have fun learning and growing by playing your favorite games!



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