Fun Programming Games for Kids

Is Programming fun? Well, there’s a misconception that it isn’t, and it’s exactly that, a misconception! The beauty of watching something one scripted build up to an awesome creation is something programmers experience with every code they write and every bug they fix! Anyone who loves programming can surely find the humor in it too! Lets see how one can spruce programming with some good ol’ fun and lively activities!

Programmers literally speak their own language, and it goes without saying that every language has its own little bunch of inside jokes! Being a creative skill, there’s always much to learn, discover and invent in this world. Practicing your coding skills can help you develop your language skills and even embolden you to try others after mastering one.

While trying one’s hand at coding, it is also equally important to run it, allowing one to learn from their mistakes and perfect the codes further! Let’s check out some fun activities that can introduce and familiarize kids to the world of coding and it’s jargon!

This is an unplugged activity that allows kids to develop a knack for programming at an early stage with the use of their favorite toys and some paper cards that should be laid out in 7*7 grid, with some toys being placed as obstacles on some cards. Let the kids run their own algorithms (specific instructions to move their toy of choice up, down, or side to side by any number of cards). Keep a goal at the end to make the game more fulfilling for them!

Kids with a love for Frozen will surely be enchanted by this little coding lesson as it’s aided by Anna and Elsa who help them make a wide variety of snowflakes patterns with help of drop down codes.

Here’s an activity that allows you to make it up as you go, the way you want it! Join the kids as they explore the various Minecraft levels and craft their own codes using block coding! This activity teaches them important coding aspects like variables, functions and loops through these fun challenges!

Have a love for Angry Birds? Maybe you could build your own! Flappy Bird allows the players to code, customize and play their very own video game allowing them to learn how to debug, revise and play, play, play whilst earning some points!

This is mobile app game that can be downloaded from the play store and played by kids of all ages! It requires them to give their directions in advance and run their program thus teaching them the basics of algorithms, sequences and conditionals!

These activities and games let the children challenge themselves while indulging in their love for technology and games. Programming isn’t a dry topic if one knows how to find the fun and humor in it, with kids certainly needing both to keep them raptured! These games will motivate your dear ones to explore their budding enthusiasm for programming while ensuring that their quality play time isn’t snatched away from them!

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