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Kids develop habits that may be instilled or certain vices of their own that every person is prone to as a child. It is often difficult to dissuade them from such habits most often and similarly difficult to do it, without hurting their feelings or it affecting their confidence in themselves.

These habits may not be socially acceptable and therefore parents look to correct them. They may include habits nose picking to thumb sucking and many more habits that may stem from a need to pacify or soothe themselves.

It is, therefore, necessary to ensure that the correction doesn’t come at the cost of increasing their anxieties or drastically affecting their behavior and character. Adults themselves find it difficult to get rid of habits that may not be conducive to their characters, it is therefore entirely understandable that kids need a little help with overcoming such habits. So let’s check out how to get rid of certain habits within children in the easiest way possible!

1. Understanding

One of the most important aspects of changing a bad habit is understanding where it stems and why they choose this method to express themselves. Habits like nose-picking can be due to irritation of the nasal cavity whilst some habits like biting or pinching may be a result of them not knowing the right way of expressing themselves.

It, therefore, becomes important to make this distinction to allow the parent to decide the best way to deal with the issues, their triggers and mitigate the process of changing the habit.

2. Tackle the Problem

Observing them and their habits is crucial. However, some habits can generally be resolved on their own with time. The best way to tackle the rise of such habits is to find the reason behind them. As mentioned earlier, this allows you to understand why they needed to develop this habit as a coping mechanism.

Finding other options to help them navigate through these habits. Help keep them busy by doing activities and help them talk through any emotions they may have, thus be helpful in regulating their emotions and expressing them in a more positive and healthy manner.

3. Rewards

Praise them, and encourage their effort in changing a habit that isn’t acceptable or healthy. This gives the kids the boost of confidence they require to want to get over the habits that might not be healthy for them. Motivation goes a long way in enforcing the substitutions they have opted in order to let go of their bad habits or helping them in releasing the emotions they are holding on to.

Reward them for their effort with treats or stickers they’d love or by taking them for activities they’d love to do. A return to a bad habit is possible, but it is necessary to maintain a level-headed attitude and ignore it in order for your child to make a conscious decision to repeat the habit again.

4. Rules and Reminders

Use reminders and rules to help ensure that your children can remember to not repeat bad habits, be it nose picking to chewing nails. Being firm with the rules set helps give kids the boundaries they require to overcome the particular habit.

Give them subtle reminders if they’re seen indulging in a particular habit. This allows them to consciously put a stop to the action, thus enabling them to soothe themselves in a different, healthier manner.

5. Don’t Overreact!

It is easy to get triggered sometimes when the kids don’t seem to be listening to one’s repeated requests to put a stop to an action. When it comes to habits that one is trying to change within their kids, it is essential to not get triggered during such moments and to take special care to not lash out at them.

Doing so will discourage them, putting a hamper in the process of change they began. Gain their trust so they listen to you, this helps to avoid situations where one lashes out hurting their child’s trust in them.

6. Slow and Steady

It’s said that slow and steady wins the race, the same thought applies here. Take it slow with your kids. They may slip up, they may have trouble expressing their emotions every now and then. But as parents, one must always make sure that they are able to help their kids get back up and commit to changing the habit.

With these handy steps, it will definitely ease the kids into a change, with you as parents, helping them every step of the way to aid them in developing healthier habits and patterns! So work together to encourage your children into becoming the best versions of themselves.



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