How Will AI Shape the Future

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4 min readOct 9, 2021


Artificial Intelligence can be considered the pinnacle of technological evolution. But this field sees more advanced improvements and inventions by the day, stopping at nothing to be the best!

The impact AI has on our everyday lives vastly goes unnoticed, but it permeates almost every aspect of it. Be it from navigating with the help of GPS or making a grocery list with help of Alexa, artificial intelligence is at the center of it all.

As our relationship with artificial intelligence keeps growing, it is natural to assume that its role in our lives and the economics surrounding it, will keep on increasing in the future. The question here would be, how will this intricate relation between humans and AI manifest in the future? Let us check out some areas that will further permeate and integrate AI into its fold, making tasks easier to deal with.

AI in Work Force

In workforce, AI alongside robotics is steadily relieving the human workforce in a lot of hazardous work arenas getting the tasks done in a safe and efficient manner. However, it must be noted that artificial intelligence will never be able to replace human intelligence in the workforce entirely. This concern of AI replacing humans isn’t all untrue, however, with growing fields of technology and development in the world, it is easy to presume that if this happens, humans will largely remain unaffected.

AI will definitely bring about a boost in productivity in any forum it’s used in. It remains to be seen how this productivity will affect the human workforce. With AI in the play, industries only required a fraction of the employees they previously needed at very a low expense.

AI for Environment

AI will also play a larger role in climate mitigation, sustainability, and other pressing environmental issues with its further advent. Although still in its infancy in these arenas, the future holds a lot of promise and perfection in AI’s role in them. Through the use of sensors, congestion and pollution can be dealt with effectively, making traffic more streamlined. Based on the patterns observed policies and rules can be set that will be beneficial to the population and the environment in general.

AI in Privacy

AI’s role in privacy and human rights is already extremely controversial. However, this integration of AI in our collective privacy and human rights is a break or make situation for the future. Many companies are already facing serious and truthful accusations of cases where AI has gone wild, like Alexa’s eavesdropping for example. In this case, AI of the future has to be developed not driven on consuming personal data of the populations, but rather by learning the norms or privacy and human value systems, thus respecting people and not monetizing from the highly personal data retrieved from them.

AI in Health Care

In the present, AI already plays a crucial yet steadily developing role in the healthcare systems of the day. From tracking patient records to managing filing systems and more, AI makes data handling and transmission easier in the day-to-day management of patient health and hospital services provided.

These services can surely be made more efficient along with the addition of other AI services. AI can track patient health and also predict possible health events, this timely warning can be crucial in making a lifestyle change for better health.

AI in Finance

As AI continues to permeate every sector man has created, it is no surprise that AI has great potential in the finance sector as well. It can be used to predict growth and cash flow events. It can also be used by customers to obtain valuable assistance in handling personal finances as well in order to make smart financial decisions.

AI for Kids in Future

AI learning can start at a young age for children to understand how all the streams of STEM can benefit from this. Kids introduced to AI can be acclimatized with its features which can help them in the n future with their further studies and career choices. They can join AI kids courses that offer an understanding of what, and how AI works and even on how to develop it!

AI for kids and education has come a long way from being overly complicated to something kids can not only comprehend but also enjoy learning. AI can also make learning resource materials easily accessible to everyone gifting another boon in terms of expense.

With such promising areas of development with AI, the future sure seems bright. So learn AI, learn with AI and learn how to make it better, faster, and more futuristic for a greater tomorrow!



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