JavaScript Projects for Beginners

Ever wonder how a website responds to us? How if we don’t fill in required details of a form the page informs us before the submission? Or when we click a button and we are directed somewhere else or shown something new? It can’t all be magic now can it? Well, worry not, it isn’t magic per se, it’s just a dynamic programming language making everything it touches, more animated and alive! What is this programming language you ask? It’s JavaScript of course!

JavaScript essentially acts as an icing on the cake that is a web page making it more interactive from the users end while HTML and CSS provides structure and style to them.

For kids and beginners already introduced and accustomed to text based languages, like Python or Scratch, JavaScript is the next best thing for them to be introduced to to increase their capabilities in the field of coding.

Simple projects can increase their understanding of this language and help them gain a foothold in coding! Here are some cool innovative projects to help you get started!

  1. Change the Background Color JavaScript Project

The objective of this project is to dynamically enable color change in a webpage with the click of a button. Requires a simple HTML and CSS code be written with a button and a background color and then the JavaScript code be added in order to make it dynamic. Perhaps the simplest of them all, this project is truly ideal for beginners to help start their journey on JavaScript coding!

2. Tip Calculator

Ever wonder how much to tip at a restaurant? A tip calculator can calculate the amount of tip required to be given based on the percentage total bill. Ideally, carry out a brainstorming session to figure out all the dynamic details you require for making the calculator function successfully and then implement it with the help of the link given to code and make a tip calculator all on your own, saving yourself from worrying about the right amount of tip!

3. Hangman Game

Who didn’t love playing this game in their childhood with friends during those five recess and maybe if one was sneaky enough, even during class? Well this project can help your nostalgia take a front seat whilst giving your brain a fun ride with coding. This is especially fun for kids and beginners who love word games, now you can integrate your love for coding and word games together.

4. Digital Clock

Always on the lookout for what the time is aren’t we! Time is a precious commodity that is always spent better when utilized effectively. This clock will show the hours, minutes and seconds once it’s up and functioning so readers let’s get set ready and go! Here’s the code for a digital clock so that you know the hours, minutes, seconds of any day, everyday!

5. Quiz

Quizzes tease and stimulate our minds in the best possible way ever. It also increases our general knowledge in any given topic it’s being conducted on. So here’s to using our brain power a little more with a fun coding project for a quiz!

6. Drawing

Web pages generally appear more appealing with diagrams, colorful images and beautifully done animations. But where does this all happen? JavaScript of course, are you surprised at this point? Lets create an interactive spacy level drawing and better our art skills, digitally! Check out how to use JavaScript to make an interactive image.

7. Countdown Timer

Countdowns on Amazon, Flipkart, Myntra all have a special place in our heart don’t they? Or in a wait for a friend’s birthday or for the new year to finally begin? Countdown timers is a virtual clock that counts downwards from the time that is set till the time of the event. It’s a nifty tool to create hype, increase anticipation and also act as a subtle reminder! Well now you can enjoy a fun coding session and keep those important events in mind with a little countdown timer of your own!

8. Background Image Slider Project

In the days of the past, we flipped the pages of an album to visit one’s memories, in the days of the present however, we just click a button! Even this sliding of images is a function of JavaScript, and now you can learn how to make this happen too! Click here to find out how!

9. To Do List

Grocery shoppers, and meticulous taskers, this is for you! Building a To Do list with Java Script is a relatively easy task for beginners. It’s essentially a page containing a list of items with a text area with an add button to let the users add more items to it. Now head on to build your own To Do List to input your chores and activities for the day!

10. Tic Tac Toe

Tic Tac Toe is a dual player game that’s always fun no matter what time of the day it is! This project is a tad more advanced but fun nonetheless as it can take your scripting initiative to higher heights. So now, if you are tired of playing tic tac toe in the same old platform i.e. a piece of paper, look no further! Ramp the game up by making your very digital game of tic tac toe!

Coding is becoming an increasingly fun activity that is applicable for all ages and has numerous benefits for the future. This blog aims to act as a stepping stone for all those who are interested in dwelling deeper into the world of coding, more specifically into the world of dynamic coding with JavaScript! So get coding peeps, and enjoy a merry game of tic tac toe at the end!

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