Mystery Behind the Bermuda Triangle

  • The Bermuda triangle is a heavily trafficked region, meaning this place sees a lot of travelling ships and flights making the region more prone to accidents when compared to a region with less traffic and activity.
  • Another reason attributed to the numerous disappearances within this area is the turbulent weather conditions that are often associated with this area like hurricanes and large rogue waves that form unexpectedly.
  • The earth’s magnetism is also thought to be a contributing factor to the region’s dramatic behavior which is anomalous in this region, meaning the magnetic field lines that run through this region are warped and twisted which can cause navigational issues and resultant mistakes.
  • The inaccuracy between the geographic north pole and the magnetic north pole is yet another theory stipulated to explain the numerous accidents within the area. The agonic lines, referring to the only regions where the geographic and the magnetic north lines up, can cause navigators to be led astray from their intended route acting as a cause for turbulence.
  • Recently a new theory suggests that the cause for these mishaps may be due to large deposits of methane compounds produced by plant decay in the ocean floor that are released as massive bubbles during underwater earthquakes. If released in sufficient quantities, the methane level would make it impossible for water to support ships or airplanes to stay in the sky. This theory has since then been discredited since there was no evidence for massive methane releases within the region
  • Lastly, the reason points to people and their mindset about the place and the lore that has been used to signify its dangerousness. Once people have heard about a mysterious occurrence in a region, that place seems forever jinxed or prone to more accidents, this is known as the Baader Meinhof or frequency illusion effect!



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