Mystery Behind the Bermuda Triangle

Our world is full of mysteries that are being solved and some or many which still remain mysteries! Mysteries often hold a special allure to them, making us curious about the inner machinations of each phenomena. In the past, people used to think lightning was a warning of God’s wrath until science found a way to explain this phenomenon for what it was.

The oceans of the world are still full of explored regions with curiosities that would boggle the mind. One such mystery is the Bermuda Triangle! The Bermuda triangle or the Devil’s Triangle as it is known by, refers to a loosely defined region in the North Atlantic Ocean and is bound by Miami (a city in Florida, USA), Bermuda and Puerto Rico.

A lot of reasoning has been used to try and explain the mysterious disappearance of ships and flights around this region which are not limited to aliens and or supernatural interference! The Bermuda Triangle is a region that holds a mysterious aura owing to the tragic accidents that have happened in the region.

The region got its name and lore during 1900’s when a couple of naval and aviation disappearances were linked to the region and till date, this mystery stands. The first US ship to disappear here was the USS Cyclops in March 1918, later on December 5th, 1945, a squadron of US bombers disappeared roughly around the same region along with the seaplane that was sent in search of this aircraft.

Although now many researchers doubt the authenticity of this and reasons that the disappearances and accidents linked to the region are no more than those that occur anywhere else. However, there are a couple of reasonable theories that have been forward to explain this the mystery this region propagates in the people-

  • The Bermuda triangle is a heavily trafficked region, meaning this place sees a lot of travelling ships and flights making the region more prone to accidents when compared to a region with less traffic and activity.

With a plethora of reasons to explain the lure of this place and science trying to debunk the region’s mystery, only the future can tell us which of these reasons, if any actually stand true in order to explain the mystery of the Bermuda Triangle!



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