Raspberry Pi Project Ideas for Kids

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3 min readSep 25, 2021

Been thinking about introducing children to coding and robotics? Or buying them a Raspberry Pi to cultivate their enthusiasm in this field? Or is it just to begin one’s journey into the fields of Robotics and Programming? Well, look no further, here are some fun exciting projects that are suitable for beginners of all ages and act as an excellent team activity for both parents and children, whilst spending some quality time together!

One must have a rough idea of what projects might be compatible with the knowledge and experience they have with handling Raspberry Pis. These mini-computers are relatively easy to maneuver so this task shouldn’t be all that difficult, this article will mention a few of the easiest projects to hop in on and build with a Raspberry Pi so let’s take a look.

1. Weather Station

This is a fun activity for children to take part in with the help and guidance from their parents. They can program their Raspberry Pi to collect weather data using USB weather stations and run the system using a Python operating system. Follow the link to find out what materials are required and how to make your very own weather station come alive!

2. Photo Booth

This simple project can be done with parents and kids together by making use of a Raspberry Pi, camera, and portable photo printer to make your very own fun little photo booth. You can take and print out as many pictures as you, creating memories for a lifetime. The materials required for this project have been mentioned above and more details about them can be found here. Have fun clicking pictures!!

3. Minecraft

Minecraft is a fun game that seems to have been on earth for a long time now! Being a classic game, it’s sure that both kids and parents will have a fun time with this particular Raspberry Pi project! This project can teach your kids the basics of Python programming while modifying Minecraft the way they want. Follow the link to find out how this fantastic game can also provide the scope for learning more about robotics and programming for kids!

4. Learn Programming

Programming is a key part of almost every gadget we own or use, it makes sense that the kids should be introduced to this language in a fun manner, be it for fun sessions or to pave the path for a career in this field. Either way, learning programming with Raspberry Pi is probably the most fun way of being introduced into this field. Languages that are easiest to start off with are Scratch and Python. Here’s how Raspberry Pi can teach the young ones all about programming!

5. RC Robot Buggy

What if your child could build their very own remote-controlled vehicle? This amazing project lets you and your children, do exactly that! Build the very first Remote Control Robot Buggy within the comforts of one’s house and in the company of your loved ones!

The robot buggy can be moved around with the help of few simple python commands to which later a remote control function can be added. Here are the links to building a Raspberry Pi Robot Buggy and remote control for the very same buggy!

These fun projects are sure to keep the children entertained and occupied while presenting the perfect opportunity to bond and create special memories! Kids interested in Robotics, Coding, and more can also join online courses offering coding classes for kids, which can help them increase their tech-savvy skill set for stronger futures!



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