Top 4 Python Game Projects

The popularity of python appears to be increasing with each passing day. Python has become an essential tool in a wide range of fields. One of the primary reasons to learn and use Python is English -like nature of this language. People who are new to programming may also grab this language relatively easily.

One of the numerous things python is used for is game development. Although better software packages, including game engines such as Unity and Unreal Engine exist exclusively for game development, learning to develop games with Python has its own advantages.

One of the advantages is that you will gain essential coding and problem-solving skills. The reason for this is that game development is a challenging task. Every aspect of the game must be planned in advance. Another solid motivation to experiment with developing games in Python is that you will have completed a project. You may then use this project to demonstrate your Python programming abilities.

Having said that, here is a list of some of the finest python game project ideas that you may develop on your own. Developing the python game projects listed below should help you practice your skills, while also providing a pleasant experience of playing something you developed.

Python Game Project Ideas

1. Dice Simulator

The title of this game will give you a hint what we’re up to. We’d be developing a program that would allow you to simulate the roll of a dice. To complete this project effectively, you must be aware of the game loop and random number generator concepts.

Our aim for this project is that when the programme is executed, it chooses any random integer between 1 and 6 (if you are simulating a standard dice). After the program has selected an integer, it must print the number it has selected and display the number. After printing the number, one roll of the dice is successfully simulated. From here, you may give the user the choice to roll another dice and get another random digit from one to six by pressing a certain key.

You will need to brush up the following concepts if you want to complete this game successfully.

  1. Random Integer generation
  2. Printing and using the command line interface
  3. The use of game loops (while loops).

Indeed, this simulation is not similar to reality because there are numerous elements in the real world (such as spin, air pressure, surface hardness, dice shape, surface friction, etc.) that would be extremely difficult to simulate in this simple programme. It would, however, maintain the unpredictability associated with a dice roll.

2. Role Playing Game

The objective of this project is to develop a Role playing game without any GUIs. It may seem difficult to believe, but there was a time when all RPGs were text-based with only a few graphical elements on the screen.

An RPG which is developed without GUI may not appear very attractive, but with this project you will be working on something very interesting. If you can manage to spin up an engaging story that gamers would enjoy, you will find that your game will be warmly accepted. Not to mention, because there aren’t many things to worry about with this project, you would have a lot of time to come up with a brilliant narrative.

Some of the basic programming concepts that you must be aware of before starting to develop this game, have been mentioned below:

  • Use of if, elseif, and nested if else if statements.
  • Printing.
  • Story building.
  • Loops.
  • Data structures (arrays, strings, classes, etc.)

Just like any successful RPG should, you’d need to provide the players with good choices in the game. The story-line of the game should progress based on what the players chose. You would also need to program all of the possible paths that a person can follow in the game. If you want the players to have a fun time, both the story-line and the code should be extremely precise.

Also, direct your focus towards world-building. Players must be aware of where they are and what they are doing. You should also provide significant background and an ultimate objective which should feel natural.

3. Mario

Mario was originally created by Nintendo for its consoles, but has now evolved into a franchise. There have been numerous Mario upgrades, reboots, and spin-offs. For the sake of practise, you will be recreating this classic.

When compared to modern games like Assassin’s Creed, the game mechanics in Mario may appear to be quite basic. In this side-scrolling 2D game, you may either move (both left and right) or jump. However, combining only these two movement mechanics with a wonderful level design results in a wonderful experience for the player.

To effectively make a duplicate of Mario, you would need to take care of a number of factors. Powerups, Goombas, Piranha Plans, and obviously a lot of pipes would be required (because in the end, Mario is a plumber). You’ll also need to combine all of the levels. However, if you build a deep copy, you will also have to replicate and create different worlds for our plumber to navigate his way.

4. Side-Scrolling Dino Game

Those of you who have had the experience of having a poor internet connection might know this game. To see this dino game that you will develop in this project, simply disconnect from the internet for a moment and try to open any web-page on Google Chrome.

The objective of this game is very simple. Tap on the Dino to make him run. You begin the game by leaping over the cactus plants. There is no specific objective of this game. Virtually, you are in the driving seat of a Dino and can only jump and duck to avoid the obstacles in this endless side scrolling game. You must dodge all obstacles and make a high score.

When you reach a certain point in the game, you will encounter a flying pterodactyl. You can easily dodge this flying beast merely by ducking. You might encounter some other opponents as well, who would make the game more difficult as the distance that you cover increases.

We hope you found some fun python game projects to develop, share, and enjoy. Making a game is a simple and enjoyable way to put your programming skills to the test.

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