What is R Programming?

  • Production of well-designed publication worthy plots with the correct mathematical formulae and symbol representation.
  • Availability as a free software under GNU license that can be used by all who require it’s services.
  • Has an efficient data-handling and storage facility which aids in data importing and cleaning.
  • It has a large integrated collection of tools for data analysis which also allows it’s integration with other languages like C and C++. Because of its comprehensive packages for statistical data interpretation, most new technology and concepts often appear in R.
  • R packages are usually available in CRAN (Comprehensive R Archive Network).
  • Effective and simple programming language with conditionals, loops, input and output facilities.
  • It is a platform independent language enabling it to be operated and function on any operating system like GNU/Linux and Windows.
  • Has a vast community of users who can help with its implementation, data analysis, fixing of bugs and even providing new packages.
  • R programming language has huge applications in data science and even in finance. It is even made use of by technological moguls like Google, Wipro, Twitter and more!



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