Young Innovators Program 2021

A 5-week experiential program conducted by IITians for grades 6 to 10 focused on technology and innovation with a unique methodology to Learn, Build, and Innovate . Head over to know what this year’s Young Innovators Program all about.

Over the years, there has been a realization that technology is the means towards facilitating our needs. It resonates deeply with the social system and is closely adhered by every individual.

To improve is to change, to be perfect is to change often. And current technology never fails to be anything less than perfect, isn’t it? But, the increase in day-to-day concerns is a reminder to be technically competent. Else, how do you satisfy the ever changing demands of the human race? Rancho Labs’ Young Innovators Program exactly aims to provide this.

What is Young Innovators Program??

Young Innovators Program is designed to train 100 students from all over India kick-start in technology at an early stage in life so that one day they can do wonders and become great innovators.

During the last program at Rancho Labs, we focused on Coding and Robotics. This year, YIP’21 comes in two themes:

  1. Coding and Robotics.
  2. Coding, Game Development and App Development.

YIP’21 is a specially crafted 5 week program for school students in grades between 6th and 10th, where they transform ideas into reality.





“Creativity is thinking up new things. Innovation is doing new things.” — Theodore Levitt
“Creativity is thinking up new things. Innovation is doing new things.” — Theodore Levitt

Benefits of participating in Young Innovators Program ’21

  • Unleash the creativity in students in ways you can’t imagine. Trust us. You will “feel” this happening for REAL.
  • Build fun and exciting projects from games, applications to robots!!
  • The project developed during YIP will give a solid foundation to future-proof students’ skill sets.
  • Enhance your analytical, logical and algorithmic thinking.
  • Get mentorship from IITians who will lay a strong basis of knowledge in coding, game development, app development and robotics.
  • Bring smiles to the society by solving real-life problems.

Highlights From Our Previous Program

  • In a constructive 5 to 6-week program, students learned about coding and robotics.The program enriched the students to develop real-life solutions.
  • Many got featured in esteemed newspapers like Times of India, etc.
  • Two students are planning to board their parents on projects right now.


A glimpse of the projects our students built last time:

1. Boat-O-bed

“The idea came up when I saw the difficulties faced by the rescue workers to rescue bedridden people stranded during Kerala floods. So, I thought, if the bed could be converted into a boat, it would enable bedridden people to be atmanirbhar” says Siddharth Kumar Gopal of class — 7.

With guided assistance from his mentors at Rancho Labs, Siddharth was able to build Boat-O-Bed. Equipped with a GPS/GSM unit, the smart bed along with the patient will automatically tilt down and start floating, alerting the rescue workers.

2. Intuitive Sanitizing Tunnel

The delivery person usually visits several houses and is exposed to multiple surfaces. In such a case, is it safe to take the items directly from him/her? This led Aryan Verma of class — 12 to develop Intuitive Sanitizing Tunnel with constant support from Rancho Labs’ mentor(s). When the delivery nears, the tunnel opens and waits for the delivery boy to enter the package/items. After the tunnel closes, the UV light sanitizes the package. After which, the customer can take out the items super clean and sanitized.

3. Voice Controlled Automation

Karandeep Singh of class — 11 was keen on helping physically/mentally challenged and aged people to control home appliances and alert them in critical situations. Under Rancho Labs’ constant support and keen guidance, Karandeep Singh was able to develop a Voice Controlled Assistant using mobile phone.

4. Smart Glove

During the summer camp at Rancho Labs, Vibhav Agarwal of class — 12 designed and developed a project to ease people who use sign language to communicate without someone needing to translate in just a period of one month. With Rancho Labs’ constant support and expertise in innovation, Vibhav devised a smart glove with stretchable sensors that run the length of each of the five fingers. The device then turns the finger movements into electrical signals and text message is displayed on the LCD output.

(More information on the projects can be found in our Instagram page:

Who stands a chance to take part?

If you are a student who belongs to 6th — 10th grade, you are most welcome to participate. Every applicant holds a fair chance. However, the seats are limited. So, we request the applicant to prove why he/she deserves to get into the inner ring of YIP by adhering to the following guidelines:

  • Go to
  • Click on the Apply Now option.
  • Fill the application form.
  • Your application will be under review. If you are among the qualified candidates, you will hear from us.
  • If you are selected, you are required to make the payment for the program.

Budget issues..? No worries. Our scholarship offer is here to give a helping hand.

  • The selection and scholarship offer (if required) will purely be based on interview.

What are you waiting for? The clock’s ticking!! It’s time to go beyond programming and embrace the future. Go to our website and apply immediately to gain the best learning experience and great insights on Coding, Game development and App development, Robotics and IOT.

We are eagerly waiting to welcome you on board.

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